Illustration of a girl with pigtails laying in autumn leaves next to her black and gray dog
Illustration by Dave Wheeler

Three Things I Love

Read a sweet poem by Jennifer Dignan.

By Jennifer Dignan
From the November 2021 Issue

Three Things I Love

One thing I love is this song.

It seems to respond to a call

from the innermost part of my heart,

to echo a refrain

imprinted in my genes.

This song turns tangled up thoughts and emotions

that often get stuck in my throat

into something I can open my mouth and sing.

I blast the volume on this song because

it feels like blasting the volume on myself

while at the same time

it feels like dissolving.

Another thing I love is this dog.

Something in my chest tightens and twists

but also spreads and softens

when I catch her dreaming on the couch,

belly up and paws twitching in the air.

Watching her sprint down the sand,

I feel like it’s me

running so fast,

bursting with excitement and barking at the waves.

When I close my eyes and press my cheek

against her warm, soft neck,

there’s nothing else I need.

A third thing I love is this tree.

Lying in bed at night and listening to

the sush sush of its leaves

is like hundreds of the lightest hands

sweeping my worries away.

When I place my palm on this tree’s solid and sturdy trunk,

I feel myself absorb its strength;

I feel my legs grow roots.

And, of course, this tree provides

a private, peaceful spot

to sit and dream and think about

all the things I love.

Writing Prompt

Using Jennifer Dignan’s poem as a model, write your own poem with the title
“Three Things I Love.” You can write from your point of view or from the point of view of a character or person you admire. 

This poem was originally published in the November 2021 issue.

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