Planning With the Pacing Guide

The Pacing Guide is your go-to companion for teaching Scope with ease and joy.

Our Pacing Guide will help you plan your year with Scope, a resource that includes a dazzling classroom magazine and an incredible package of support materials. You’ll discover how Scope resources can fit seamlessly into your teaching calendar as you map out the year and break down your plans day by day.

The Pacing Guide will help you utilize Scope to its fullest and teach each issue with ease and joy.

Within the pacing guide you will find:

 a breakdown of genres, skills, and standards you can expect to find covered in each issue of the magazine

• differentiation and assessment resources that are offered with each feature

 activities to introduce or reinforce skills so that you can tailor instruction to your needs

• The pacing guide is your go-to companion for teaching Scope with ease and joy.