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The scope approach:


Build your students' vocabularies with our suite of activities!

Scope helps you address vocabulary
in three ways:

1. Themed Vocabulary

Organizing vocabulary from a Scope article by theme helps students retain new words as well as build relationships between words they already know. Our Themed Vocabulary activity often focuses on connotations as well as the nuances between words with similar meanings.

Click here for a sample Themed Vocabulary »

2. Vocabulary in Context

This activity features a list of tricky words from a Scopearticle (these words also appear in bold in the article), with pronunciations, definitions, and example sentences. It also
includes a practice activity to reinforce understanding.

Click here for a sample Vocabulary in Context activity from the September 2015 issue »

3. DIY Vocabulary

We know it’s important for students to be able to use context clues to tackle new words—and this graphic organizer will help them do just that. In this activity, students identify unfamiliar vocabulary in a Scope text, use context clues to determine meanings, look up formal definitions, and use each new word in a sentence. Use this graphic organizer with any Scope story.

Click here to download this activity »