Meet the First-Line Contest Winner!

We asked students to write an imaginative, compelling, original short story that starts with one of three first lines written by famous author Sayantani DasGupta. We are very excited to announce that Sayantani has chosen “The Great Ice Heist” by Carson Cusick as the winning story! 

You can read Carson’s fantastic story below and check out the list of the amazing finalists and runners-up. 

“The Great Ice Heist”

by Carson Cusick

Kettering, OH

Carson Cusick, 7th Grade

“A World That Failed”

by Vritti Chopra

Irvine, California

Vritti Chopra, 11th Grade


by Jon Malchow

Valparaiso, Indiana

Jon Malchow, 8th Grade

Lily Bostick

Knoxville, Tennessee


Madeleine Mei Tsai Fine

New York, New York


Nora Gotschall

Mount Vernon, Ohio


Norah Jorgensen

Boise, Idaho


Ellie Kwan

Acadia, California