Meet the First-Line Contest Winner!

We asked students to write an imaginative, compelling, original short story that starts with one of three first lines written by famous author Varian Johnson. We are very excited to announce that Varian has chosen “Quaddlebons and Hearts” by Michelle Tang as the winning story! 

You can read Michelle’s fantastic story here, and check out the list of the amazing finalists and runners-up below. 

“Quaddlebons and Hearts”

by Michelle Tang

San Ramon, California

“My Pet Quaddlebon”

by Sarah Sayed

Buffalo Grove, Illinois

“The Guardians of Mayim

by Flora Mack

Taos, New Mexico

Alexander Wu

Oakland, California


Alysse May

St. George, Utah


Brianna Grossman

Edison, NJ


Federico Calchi Novati

Pasadena, California


Kennedie Goodwin

Dyer, Indiana


Shannon Maye

Farmington, Connecticut


Victoria Huang

San Ramon, California