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Let’s Connect!

Dear Scope teachers,

The short story I wrote for this issue, “The Stars Between Us,” is directly inspired by you and your students. The pandemic has isolated us from each other so profoundly—and yet, we’ve all found creative ways to connect. Maybe that’s a weekly Zoom with our loved ones or handwritten notes of encouragement sent through the mail. Or, as in my story, it’s as simple as noticing when a friend is struggling and doing something to put a smile on their face. And of course, we can all find connections in stories, in the characters who give us hope and strength and joy.

Speaking of connections, Team Scope  wants to connect with YOU. I encourage you to join our Scope Facebook group if you haven’t already. We’d also love to virtually drop by your classroom. Reach out to me at, and we’ll make it happen.

In the meantime, I dedicate my story to you and your students.


Kristin Lewis

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