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The scope approach:

Close Reading

Prepare your students to dissect any text with our carefully crafted questions.

Editor’s Tip:

An important goal of close reading is to give students the ability to ask these kinds of questions on their own. After working through our close-reading questions, challenge your students to generate their own questions for class discussion.

Most Scope activities—such as our quizzes and popular “Read, Think, Explain”—include questions that facilitate deep and
careful reading. But we also wanted to give you a set of questions designed specifically for group reading and discussion. So, drumroll, please . . .

Every major article and story in Scope comes with a set of close-reading questions.

With our text-based questions,
your students will:

  • gain a deeper understanding of the text
  • uncover layers of meaning
  • make inferences
  • analyze the author’s purpose
  • trace arguments
  • reflect on how individual sentences and sections contribute to the larger work
  • and more!

You can find the close-reading questions (with answers) in your Teacher’s Guide. Or, download them from each article’s resources page (without answers) to either project or print and distribute. We recommend that you use these questions for either whole-class or small-group discussion.