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Narrative Nonfiction

Dying to Be Strong

The tragic story of Taylor Hooton, a talented 17-year-old baseball player, sheds light on how the pressure to bulk up is contributing to steroid use among young people.

Featured Skill: Cause and effect

Audio: Hear the article read aloud

Activity Sheets:

  • Exploring Causes and Effects (two levels)

  • Close-Reading and Critical-Thinking Question

  • Themed Vocabulary: Words Related to Steroids

  • Quiz

  • Read, Think, Explain: Identifying Nonfiction Elements (two levels)

  • Contest Entry Form

Paired Texts

Surviving Hurricane Sandy and After the Disaster

After Hurricane Sandy devastated her town, 14-year-old Ariel Creamer worked to bring hope to her community. Ariel’s story is paired with an essay about how best to rebuild after natural disasters.

Featured Skill: Integrating key ideas and details

Video: Rebuilding Hope

Activity Sheets:

  • Integrating Key Ideas and Details

  • Close-Reading and Critical-Thinking Questions

  • Video Discussion Questions

  • Vocabulary: Definitions and Practice

  • Quiz

  • Contest Entry Form

Debate/Essay Kit

Is the Bulldog Doomed?

Centuries of irresponsible breeding have left the bulldog with a host of health problems. Should we change the way we breed them?

Key Skills: Supporting an argument; identifying central ideas and supporting details

Activity Sheets:

  • Guided Writing: The Argument Essay

  • Vocabulary: Definitions and Practice

Writing Contest

Fabulous First-Line Contest

We are thrilled to announce this year’s First-Line Contest, in which your students help famous author Gary Paulsen get started on a new story for Scope.

Key Skills: Understanding author’s purpose; writing hooks



The Dead Rising

In this thrilling historical-fiction play based on real events, three teenagers meet a mysterious girl who tells them a story about a vampire panic that seized their
New England town more than 100 years ago.

Featured Skill: Synthesis

Audio: Hear the newspaper article read aloud

Activity Sheets:

  • Document Dive: Analyzing a Challenging Historical Document

  • Close-Reading and Critical-Thinking Questions

  • Vocabulary: Definitions and Practice

  • Quiz

  • Literary Elements and Devices

  • Contest Entry Form

The Lazy Editor

Would You Let This Shark
Bite You?

Students correct grammatical errors and revise sloppy writing in a short nonfiction article about Jeremiah Sullivan, who makes and sells shark-proof suits.

Key Skills: Conventions of standard English; revision

Activity Sheets:

  • Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement

  • Using Commas with Nonessential Clauses

  • Quoting and Paraphrasing

  • Irrelevant Information


Grammar Cheers the Mascots

Students practice using affect and effect while learning about three awesome mascots from the world of professional sports.

Key Skill: Conventions of standard English

Activity Sheet:

  • Affect vs. Effect


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