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Narrative Nonfiction
Why Are Your Clothes So Cheap?

This powerful nonfiction features tells the extraordinary story of former child garment worker and current labor activist Kalpona Akter. The story explores the high human cost of our inexpensive clothing and will engage your students in global citizenship.

Featured Skill: Central ideas and details

Audio: Hear the article read aloud

Video: Beyond the Story

Activity Sheets:

  • Guided Letter-Writing
  • Video Discussion Questions
  • Close-Reading and Critical-Thinking Questions
  • Domain Vocabulary: The Garment Industry
  • Quiz (two levels)
  • Read, Think, Explain: Nonfiction Elements
    (two levels)
  • Core Skill: Central Ideas and Details
  • Core Skill: Summarizing (two levels)
  • Core Skill: Mood
  • Core Skill: Text Features
  • Contest Entry Form
Paired Texts
Should Kids Do Extreme Sports?

Students will synthesize information from a riveting nonfiction article about a teen skateboarder’s near-fatal accident and an essay on the science behind risk-taking. Then they will decide whether kids should be allowed to do extreme sports.

Featured Skill: Synthesis

Audio: Hear the articles read aloud

Activity Sheets:

  • Synthesis
  • Close-Reading and Critical-Thinking Questions
  • Vocabulary: Definitions and Practice
  • Quiz (two levels)
  • Core Skill: Text Structure
  • Core Skill: Tone
  • Contest Entry Form
The Lazy Editor
Celebrity Snot for Sale

Students correct grammatical errors and revise sloppy writing in a short nonfiction article about bizarre celebrity memorabilia
Three levels available!

Key Skills: Conventions of standard English; revision

Activity Sheets:

  • Spelling Mistakes
  • Possessives
  • Sentence Variation
  • Misplaced Modifiers
You Write It
The Amazing Tardigrade

Students use our dazzling infographic on the tardigrade (an incredibly resilient microscopic creature) to write a persuasive paragraph about why the tardigrade would make a great school mascot.

Key Skills: Summarizing; central ideas and details; interpreting visual text

Activity Sheets:

  • Guide to “You Write It” Activity
  • Model Text for “You Write It” Activity
  • Contest Entry Form
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Students will love this grimly amusing play, adapted from the classic short story by Washington Irving. We’ve paired the play with an essay about what life was like in the Hudson River Valley in 1790.

Featured Skill: Making inferences

Activity Sheets:

  • Close-Reading and Critical-Thinking Questions
  • Vocabulary: Definitions and Practice
  • Quiz (two levels)
  • Literary Elements
  • Core Skill: Making Inferences
  • Core Skill: Text Evidence (two levels)
  • Contest Entry Form
  • BONUS: Research Project
The Golden Lie

In this delightful story, some disappointing revelations about her legendary great-great grandfather lead Josephine to discover one important truth: It’s OK to be ordinary. We’ve paired the story with a moving poem about fatherhood by Robert Hayden.

Featured Skills: Theme

Audio: Hear the poem read aloud

Activity Sheets:

  • What’s the Theme?
  • Poetry Analysis
  • Critical-Thinking Questions
  • Literary Elements
  • Quiz (two levels)
  • DIY Vocabulary
  • Contest Entry Form
Debate/Essay Kit
Is Technology Killing Our Friendships?

Thanks to social media and smartphones, human beings are more connected to one another than ever. But is all this technology killing our friendships? Students read arguments on both sides of the debate and take a stand.

Featured Skills: Supporting an argument; identifying central ideas and details

Activity Sheets:

  • Guided Writing: The Argument Essay
  • Quiz (two levels)
Grammar Goes Prehistoric

Students practice using number and amount while reading about the true stars of the hit movie Jurassic World: the dinosaurs.

Key Skill: Commonly confused words

Activity Sheet:

  • Number vs. Amount