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Narrative Nonfiction

Malala the Powerful

In October 2012, Malala Yousafzai, 15, was attacked by the Taliban in her native Pakistan because of her crusade for girls’ education. This is her inspiring story of courage and survival.

Featured Skill: Central ideas and supporting details

Video: Malala Returns to School

Audio: Hear the article read aloud

Activity Sheets:

  • Malala’s Central Ideas (two levels)

  • Close-Reading and Critical-Thinking Questions

  • Video Discussion Questions

  • Vocabulary: Definitions and Practice

  • Quiz

  • Read, Think, Explain: Identifying Nonfiction Elements (two levels)

  • Contest Entry Form

  • Core Skill: Identifying Tone and Mood

Paired Texts

Are These Chips Too Delicious? and A Bloody History

This two-course meal of tasty informational texts reveals the surprising history of flavor and food.

Featured Skills: Compare and contrast

Activity Sheets:

  • Compare and Contrast (two levels)

  • Themed Vocabulary: Words for Delicious

  • Close-Reading and Critical-Thinking Questions

  • Quiz

  • Contest Entry Form

  • Core Skills: Text Evidence, Summarizing

Debate/Essay Kit

Should Kids Be on Reality TV?

Children and teens appear on a host of reality-TV shows, from The Biggest Loser to The X Factor. Is this a good idea?

Key Skill: Supporting an argument; identifying central ideas and supporting details

Activity Sheets:

  • Guided Writing: The Argument Essay

  • Vocabulary: Definitions and Practice

You Write It

The Perfect Meal

Students use our infographic to write a short paragraph about why the Scope Bistro should add bug meals to its menu.

Key Skills: Central idea and details; understanding visual text; structuring a paragraph

Activity Sheets:

  • Guide to “You Write It” Activity

  • Model Text for “You Write It” Activity

  • Contest Entry Form


The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Mark Twain’s classic novel comes to life in our delightful adaptation.

Featured Skill: Analyzing character

Video: Scope Time Machine: The 1840s

Activity Sheets:

  • Tom Sawyer: Static or Dynamic?

  • Close-Reading and Critical-Thinking Questions

  • Video Discussion Questions

  • Vocabulary: Definitions and Practice

  • Quiz

  • Literary Elements and Devices

  • Contest Entry Form

  • Core Skill: Making Inferences

The Lazy Editor

The Curse of the Hope Diamond

Students correct grammatical errors and revise sloppy writing in a short nonfiction article about the legendary Hope Diamond, said to bring doom to all who own it.

Key Skills: Conventions of standard English; revision

Activity Sheets:

  • Maintaining Consistent Verb Tense

  • Avoiding Rambling and Run-On Sentences

  • Apostrophes

  • Avoiding Sentence Fragments


The Space Rock and Space Attack

We’ve paired a thought-provoking short story by Roland Smith with an informational text on the science of space rocks.

Featured Skill: Connecting fiction and nonfiction

Activity Sheets:

  • Understanding Theme

  • Comparing Two Texts

  • Close-Reading and Critical-Thinking Questions

  • Quiz

  • Literary Elements and Devices

  • D-I-Y Vocabulary

  • Contest Entry Form

  • Core Skill: Central Ideas and Details


Grammar Reveals the Secret Hobbies of Your Favorite Celebs

Students practice the correct usage of then and than while learning about the surprising hobbies of three celebrities.

Key Skill: Conventions of standard English

Activity Sheet:

  • Then vs. Than


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