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Your May Issue

An overview of the current issue, including featured skills, activity sheets, videos, and more for every article and story. Explore each individual article below to get its resources.

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Narrative Nonfiction
Lost in Death Valley

This riveting story follows three women who become stranded in one of the most dangerous places on Earth: Death Valley. The article is packed with sensory details, descriptive writing, and fascinating information about Death Valley National Park.

Featured Skill: Descriptive writing

Audio: Hear the article read aloud

Video: Behind the Scenes

Activity Sheets:

  • Descriptive Writing
  • Video Discussion Questions
  • Close-Reading and Critical-Thinking Questions
  • Vocabulary: Definitions and Practice
  • Quiz (two levels)
  • Read, Think, Explain: Nonfiction Elements (two levels)
  • Core Skill: Summarizing (two levels)
  • Core Skill: Text Structures
  • Core Skill: Mood
  • Contest Entry Form
Paired Texts
The World’s First Superstar

Students explore how attitudes about wild animals have changed over time by reading a nonfiction article about Jumbo, celebrity elephant of the 1800s, and an essay about the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus’s decision to stop using elephants in their shows.

Featured Skill: Synthesis

Activity Sheets:

  • Changing Attitudes
  • Close-Reading and Critical-Thinking Questions
  • Vocabulary: Definitions and Practice
  • Quiz (two levels)
  • Core Skill: Text Evidence (two levels)
  • Core Skill: Central Ideas and Details
  • Contest Entry Form
The Lazy Editor
The Girl Who Could Fly

Students correct grammatical errors and revise sloppy writing in a short nonfiction article about twelve-year-old elite gymnast, Elena Arenas.
Three levels available!

Key Skills: Conventions of standard English; revision

Activity Sheets:

  • Verb-Tense Consistency
  • Parallelism
  • Word Choice
  • Serial Commas
  • Avoiding Texting Shorthand
You Write It
I Woke Up My School

Students turn our interview with 18-year-old Jilly Dos Santos, who got her school to push back its starting time, into an article.

Key Skills: Summarizing; central ideas and details

Activity Sheets:

  • Guide to “You Write It” Activity
  • Model Text for “You Write It” Activity
  • Contest Entry Form

Our fascinating play is a fictionalized portrayal of the events leading up to Thomas Edison’s invention of the incandescent light bulb. We’ve paired the play with a second-person narrative essay about life in the 1820s.

Featured Skill: Drawing conclusions

Activity Sheets:

  • Drawing Conclusions
  • Close-Reading and Critical-Thinking Questions
  • Vocabulary: Definitions and Practice
  • Quiz (two levels)
  • Literary Elements
  • Core Skill: Text Features
  • Core Skill: Making Inferences
  • Contest Entry Form
Fiction—First-Line Contest Winner!
The Secret Ingredient

Award-winning author Lemony Snicket brings beloved characters from his series, All the Wrong Questions, to the pages of Scope. This delightful story is based on this year’s winning line from our First Line Contest.

Featured Skills: Point of view

Activity Sheets:

  • Point of View
  • Close-Reading and Critical-Thinking Questions
  • Literary Elements
  • Quiz (two levels)
  • DIY Vocabulary
  • Contest Entry Form
Debate/Essay Kit
Is It Wrong to Photoshop Celebrities?

Cora, Katie, and Isabella want the magazine Teen World to ban Photoshop. Teen Worlds editor disagrees. Who makes the best argument? Your students decide.

Featured Skills: Supporting an argument; identifying central ideas and details

Activity Sheets:

  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Guided Writing: The Argument Essay
  • Core Skill: Tone
Grammar Goes Surfing

Students practice using less and fewer while reading about big-wave surfing.

Key Skill: Commonly confused words

Activity Sheet:

  • Less vs. Fewer