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Narrative Nonfiction

Blood, Smoke, and Freedom

The incredible true story of a 15-year-old boy who fought in the American Revolution. An excerpt from his diary is included.

Skills: author’s craft, text structure, compare and contrast, inference, interpreting text, supporting details, key details

Video: Virtual Field Trip: The Museum of the American Revolution

Audio: Hear the article and vocabulary read aloud





Into the Deep

Your students will be riveted by this dramatic tale based on the classic novel 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne. A short informational text about the science behind today’s deep-sea exploration follows the play.

Skills: character, inference, text structure, close reading, critical thinking, synthesis

Vocabulary Slideshow (informational text)

Audio: Hear the informational text and vocabulary (play) read aloud



Paired Texts

Swarms of Terror

Two texts explore farming life past and present. The first details the locust swarms that devastated the American prairie in the late 1800s. The second is a personal essay about life on a modern-day farm.

Skills: text structure, author’s craft, key ideas and details, text evidence, close reading, critical thinking, integrating knowledge

Video: Behind the Scenes

Audio: Hear the articles and vocabulary read aloud







Debate/Scavenger Hunt

Should Eddie Buy These Sneakers?

Eddie wants to buy an expensive pair of Adidas sneakers. His mom thinks it’s a bad idea. Your students decide who makes the best argument.


Skills: supporting an argument, central ideas and details

Audio: Hear the vocabulary read aloud







The Short Read

Could This Robot From Star Wars Ever Exist?

This bite-sized nonfiction text explores current and future artificial intelligence and robotics technology.


Skills: supporting a claim, central ideas and details, text evidence

Audio: Hear the article and vocabulary read aloud




Lazy Editor

Chili Pepper Disaster

Students analyze mentor sentences and then edit two paragraphs of a short nonfiction article about the world’s spiciest chili peppers.


You Write It

Which One Would You Eat?

Students use our infographic about two international dishes to write an essay arguing which one they would serve in a restaurant.



Grammar Yawns

Students practice using affect and effect while learning about why we yawn.