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Scope Debates

Engaging Topics + Fabulous Support Materials =
Your New Classroom Favorite

Get the most out of our two fabulous debate formats with these easy-to-use lesson plans.

The Essay Kit

The activity:
Students read an essay that explores two sides of a debate. Then they find details in the text that support each side. Finally, they write their own argument essays statement using our popular guided-writing activity. Key skills: central ideas and details, supporting a claim, bias, writing an argument essay

See a sample. Click here for the lesson plan
(You can use it with any Essay Kit.)

The Scavenger Hunt

The activity:
Students hunt through two engaging texts with opposing points of view to find the central claims, supporting evidence, counterarguments, and rebuttals in each. Which author makes the best argument? Your students decide! Key skills: central claim, supporting evidence, tone, counterargument, rebuttal, analyzing arguments

See a sample. Click here for the lesson plan.
(You can use it with any Scavenger Hunt.)