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Have You Tried Our Slide Decks?

By Kristin Lewis
September 1, 2020

Hi teachers,

I hope that you’ve all had a chance to explore the exciting new digital tools we’ve added this year, including podcastsauthor read-aloudschoice boards, and interactive activities. And I especially hope you've had a chance to check out one of my favorite new offerings this year: slide decks!

A slide deck is a student-facing version of a Scope lesson plan. We offer slide decks in two formats: Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint. 

Everything you need is contained in one central place: a do-now, a link to read and listen to the story, the video, discussion questions with space for students to write directly on the slide, and a choice board. Watch this short video to discover more. 

You can use these exactly as they are. Or, you can copy and customize them to your needs. (If you decorate them with elements of your bitmoji classroom, please send me a screenshot.) You can share a slide deck with individual students to complete independently or in small groups, asynchronously or in real time. Or, you can use it as a presentation tool for your whole class in a virtual or traditional settingsimply delete the student response boxes. Slide decks can be found in the resources tab on selective story pages at Scope Online. For more on how to use Google Slides, watch this quick tutorial.

I’d love to hear how this new tool works for you. Drop me a line any time.


Kristin Lewis
Editorial Director, Scope
Twitter: @_KELewis

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