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New Digital Tools This Year

By Kristin Lewis
September 2, 2020

Hi teachers,

I’m so excited to share the new digital tools our team has created for you and your students this year. Our goal? To add ease and simplicity to your teaching life, whether you’re in a traditional, remote, or hybrid classroom.

All activities this year can now be copied, customized, shared, and completed digitally. (You can also download a PDF and print it, if you prefer.) You can find all activities in the Resources tab on each story page at Scope Online. For more on how to share these activities, check out this short video.

These slide decks are student-facing versions of our lesson plans. They are ready to go as they are, but you can also customize them in any you way you like. Slide decks can work as asynchronous learning assignments or as presentation tools for your remote or traditional classroom. For an example, here’s the slide deck for our September paired texts. Watch this short video to discover more. 

We heard from many of you that you’ll want to spend time this fall reteaching important skills. So we put together several special skills collections featuring our best stories, videos, and activities for particular skills. You’ll find a collection for inference, central ideas and details, themetext evidence, and author’s craft. We’ll be adding more, so please send any requests our way at

These collections feature stories, plays, poems, and videos that share a theme or topic. Use them to infuse your own units of study or share them with students for independent learning journeys. Current themes: Earth Day, Every Day; Courage and Resilience; What Makes a Good Leader?; Taking a Stand; Finding Your Voice; What Makes a Hero? Coming in the fall: Halloween, Technology and Me; Media Literacy; Child Labor. Have a request? Tell us all about it at

Our choice boards offer a dazzling menu of differentiated culminating tasks for your students to choose from after they read a story or an article. We will always include a few options that don’t require a computer or an Internet connection.

That’s right! We are now offering a podcast. You’ll get one podcast per issue, connected to a story. These are wonderful listening-comprehension tools and are designed to build engagement and knowledge. Check out our first one: Scope It Out!: The Race to Mars. You can use this along with the September Short Read, “She Lived on Mars (sort of).” Next up? Why we love scary stories, just in time for Halloween. (Coming September 18.)

We debuted our video read-alouds last spring when schools went remote, and we’ll continue offering them this year. Here’s Scope’s poet-in-residence Jennifer Dignan reading her poem “Questions for the Clouds.” (Her dog Maggie makes a special guest appearance.) 

Need help? Don’t miss our new Help and How-To’s page. Whether you need a refresher on sharing activities to your LMS, resources for helping families login at home, or a breakdown of resources in Scope, this is your one-stop-shop for all your needs.

As always, I’d love to know what you think of these new offerings. Please drop me a line any time.


Kristin Lewis
Editorial Director, Scope
Twitter: @_KELewis

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