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Build Strong Analytical Readers with the Core Skills Workout

January 28, 2020

What is the Core Skills Workout?

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the Core Skills Workout, now is the perfect time! The Core Skills Workout is a collection of eight skill-based activities that come with every issue, designed to help your students "bulk up" in the skills they need most to become strong, analytical readers.

What skills does the Workout cover?

  • Summarizing
  • Making inferences
  • Text evidence
  • Central ideas and details
  • Text features
  • Text structures
  • Tone
  • Mood

Putting it all together is a breeze.

The “Read, Think, Explain” activity (on two levels) covers the same eight skills in one tidy, guided-reading activity, with tasks for students to complete for before, during, and after reading. This is great for students who are reading Scope independently. It’s also great for whole-class reading—just pop it up on the whiteboard and work through it as you read an article together.

Where do I find the Workout?

You can find the Core Skills Workout activities at Scope Online on the Resources tab for articles and stories.. We offer all eight activities with every issue of Scope, so you can always use the current issue to focus on the skill(s) you want.

Why is it so great? Lots of reasons! But here are four:

1. It works with your scope and sequence.
As skills arise in your scope and sequence, you can choose the Core Skill activity that supports your teaching goals—that day.

2. It’s a great reinforcement tool.
Use the Workout to reinforce the skills students have learned or to help students who need extra practice in a particular area.

3. It’s ready for differentiation.
Most Core Skills Workout activities are offered on two levels.

4. It’s versatile.
You can use it in all sorts of ways—small groups, whole group, independent practice, or assessment.

Plus you get ready-to-go reference materials!

A reference sheet is available for each of the eight skills covered in the Workout, such as this one for text structures. Project the reference sheets on your whiteboard, upload them to Google Classroom, or print them for students to keep in their binders. You can find all the reference sheets here.

Have a great workout!

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