Teaching Extras For November’s Paired Texts

By Lauren Salisbury
October 21, 2019

November’s paired texts tell the powerful story of Jordan Reeves, a 13-year-old girl who 3-D printed her own prosthetic arm. After reading both the article “‘My Limb Difference Doesn’t Define Me’” and the Q&A “Advice From Jordan,” be sure to check out the two videos below. 

A video about how 3D printing works and how it's changing our lives

How Does 3D Printing Work? The Deets

A TedTalk with Jordan Reeves

What is normal? Born just right.

Students may want to draw on these two videos as they respond to the following writing prompts:

  • What is Jordan’s mission? How is she accomplishing it? Answer both questions in a well-organized essay. Support your ideas with information from the article, Q&A, and one additional resource of your choice.
  • Research 3-D printing and its incredible potential. Then write an essay or create a presentation predicting how 3-D printing will change the world in your lifetime.
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