The Treasure I Found While Writing About the Berlin Wall

By Kristin Lewis
April 24, 2019

Judy Goldberg (left) with her article about the Berlin Wall from 1990 and me (right) with my article about the Berlin Wall from 2019

Hi teachers!

You know that feeling when you find something unexpected in your attic? Maybe it’s a Halloween costume your mom made you or a photograph of a beloved grandparent as a child. Your heart skips a beat and a chill runs down your back. And you can't WAIT to tell someone about this extraordinary treasure you’ve unearthed.  

If you know this feeling, then you will understand my sense of wonder and awe when, while researching my article about the Berlin Wall, I came across this incredible piece of reporting in the Scholastic archives. In 1990, Scholastic editor and writer Judy Goldberg traveled to Berlin to report about the wall coming down. Her mission? To help American kids understand this incredible moment in history as it unfolded and to tell them about what life was like for young people their age in Germany. The result was a two-part article that is at once riveting and special. (I especially love the poems!)

As I read Judy’s articles, I was reminded of Scholastic’s powerful legacy—of the mission that has guided our work across the decades and generations: to foster a love of reading, to inspire curiosity, and to help kids make sense of the world they are growing up in.

Today, Judy remains part of the Scholastic family, putting her heart and skill to work as a digital director for our 35 classroom magazines and as an editor on Choices. What a joy it was to speak with her about that special time, which seems as vivid to her today as it did nearly 30 years ago.  

Judy with her press pass from 1990, which she used in Germany while reporting on the fall of the Berlin Wall

I hope you enjoy these special articles and that you’ll share them with your students.



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