Great Resources to Use with Our Inspiring Nonfiction Feature

By Lauren Salisbury
November 9, 2018

We can’t wait for your students to open up the December/January issue of Scope and meet Noah Carver from the narrative nonfiction feature “Nothing Holds Me Back.” Noah, 15, has been blind since birth—but that hasn’t stopped him from doing everything from  running cross-country, riding horses, racing boats, or being a powerful advocate for the blind community. His incredible story will inspire your students, as well as help them understand what it is like to be visually impaired. After reading the article, explore the resources below to keep the learning going around Noah’s activism. 

1. Petition: Make Movies Accessible to the Blind

As a class, read Noah’s petition to have Audio Description added to movies. Students can sign it by entering their name and email address. Then help spread awareness about Noah’s petition by writing an email, social media post, letter, etc.

2. Article: “7 Ways to Make Communities More Livable for People With Vision or Hearing Impairments”

As a class, read this article about inclusive design. Over the next week, have students journal about elements of design they observe in your school or community that make them inclusive or exclusive places for differently-abled people. At the end of the week discuss observations and whether your class could create an action plan to improve any of these places.

3. Book: “Do Something! A Handbook for Young Activists” by Nancy Lublin

Do the changemakers in your classroom have something they want to take on in your community but are not sure where to start? Are there other issues that make your students sad or mad or feel overwhelmed? This idea-to-execution guide is designed specifically for middle school students who want to change the world. 41 interactive projects help students identify and create action plans in line with an issue they are passionate about. At the end of the book, students reflect on how their actions unfolded and plan next steps for future activism.

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