Our Top 3 Picks from the September Issue of Scope

By The Editors of Scope
August 29, 2018

We don’t like to play favorites, but we do like to choose one story, article, or activity from each issue of the magazine and share why we find it meaningful. Here are our top picks for the September 2018 issue of Scope.


"After reading our powerful cover story about 15-year-old Salvador Gómez-Colón's efforts to help his community after Hurricane Maria, students will realize it IS possible to make a difference—even in the most dire circumstances.”
—Mackenzie Carro

"This issue’s fiction is about two teens applying to be colonists on Mars—but like all great fiction, it is also the story of what it’s like to be human. Your students are going to love it.”
—Jennifer Dignan

"The history of pizza in America is so fascinating! The only problem is that each time I read the article, I had to go eat some pizza.”
—Adee Braun

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