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Narrative Nonfiction

From War to America

This powerful article tells the incredible story of two brothers who journeyed from war-torn Syria to start a new life in America.

Skills: key ideas and details, inference, tone, central ideas and details, text evidence, summarizing

Video: Behind the Scenes with the Author

Audio: Hear the article, poem, and vocabulary read aloud





Hercules the Mighty

In this touching and humorous play, Hercules transforms from an unhappy and insecure teenager to a powerful man who embraces the qualities that make him different.

Skills: character, inference, word choice, tone, character’s motivation

Vocabulary Slideshow

Audio: Pronunciation of character names



Paired Texts

The Amazing History of Dogs

Two nonfiction texts explore where the dog came from and how the relationship between dogs and humans has changed over time.

Skills: synthesis, text structure, vocabulary in context, key ideas, supporting details, summarizing, text features

Audio: Hear the articles and vocabulary words read aloud





Into the Storm

A boy becomes a hero in this delightful tale with a supernatural twist. We’ve paired the story with an informational text about the historical figure on whom one of the story’s characters is based.

Skills: character, point of view, text structure, word choice, inference, mood

Audio: Hear the story, informational text, and vocabulary words read aloud




The Short Read

They Failed. (And So Can You.)

This bite-sized nonfiction text explores the value of failure and how it can help us succeed.


Skills: supporting a claim, central ideas and details, text evidence

Audio: Hear the article and vocabulary read aloud

Slideshow: “Famous Fails”






Debate/Essay Kit

Would You Get a Flip Phone?

More and more people are giving up their smartphones. Should you? Students read arguments on both sides of the debate and take a stand.

Skills: supporting an argument, central ideas and details



Lazy Editor

The Weirdest Laws in America

Students correct grammatical errors and revise sloppy writing in a short nonfiction article about the fascinating story behind America’s most outrageous laws.


You Write It

Welcome to the Hottest Place
on Earth

Students hone their descriptive writing skills while reading about Dallol, Ethiopia.



Grammar Talks to Dogs

Students practice using their, there, and they’re while learning about dogs and how they communicate.