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Common Core Spotlight

Our Favorite Common Core Activity for October

Videos as Texts:

Using Scope videos to build analytical-viewing skills

There’s nothing like a great video to engage your students and add a new level of excitement to a lesson. But the Common Core State Standards demand that videos take on a new role in lessons and assessments. They are considered separate texts to be analyzed and interpreted in the same way students might approach a printed text. We have been developing a variety of exciting videos for just this purpose.

This month’s featured video, “After Hurricane Sandy: Rebuilding Hope,” stars Ariel Creamer, the inspiring 14-year-old profiled in our paired-texts article “Surviving Hurricane Sandy.” Don’t miss the amazing collection of tools we’ve created to help you use this beautiful short film to meet a number of Common Core standards, including:

  • Comparing and contrasting a video with a text (R7, R9)

  • Comparing a third-person account of a story with a first-person account (R6)

  • Using evidence from a video and a text to support a central idea (R1)

Editor’s Tip: Be sure to use our Video Discussion Questions after viewing the video to help students compare the video and the article. Challenge your students to come up with their own questions to ask in groups or in class discussion.

Your students will:

Common Core ELA Anchor Standards this activity supports: R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R6, R7, R9, R10, W2, W9, SL1, L4

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