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Should School Start Later?

Health and education experts are urging middle and high schools to push back their starting times so teens can get more sleep. But some say the costs of a later schedule outweigh the benefits. Students will read arguments on both sides of the debate and take a stand.
Key Skills:

supporting an argument; identifying central ideas and supporting details


Activity Sheets

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Guided Writing:
The Argument Essay

Our self-guided activity sheet makes essay writing a painless process. Great for homework!

Great-Transitions Handout

Using transitions effectively is a key—and often challenging—writing skill. Our handout gives students ideas on how to choose the perfect transition word or phrase.


Editors’s Tip

Go deeper into this debate with these discussion questions:

  • Is the author biased in the presentation of information?

  • What message is the cartoonist sending?

  • Which side of the debate does the cartoonist support?

  • How do the headings connect to the title?

  • How does the author structure the information in the article?

Core Skill Review


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Complexity Factors


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