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Literary Nonfiction

Your Phone Could Ruin Your Life

Experts are sounding the alarm on smartphone use—and it’s time to stop texting and start listening. Our must-read informational article explores the not-so-good ways smartphones are affecting our lives—and what your students can do about it.

Featured skills: tone and key ideas



The Newsies

Your students will have a blast with our exciting play inspired by the 1899 newsboy strikes in New York City. The play, along with engaging text features and an excellent nonfiction video, will introduce your students to important concepts including child rights, labor strikes, and economic power.

Featured skills: making connections and inferences


Paired Texts:
Informational Text and Essay

Toys of Terror

Students develop an argument about product regulation after reading a startling informational text about dangerous toys and the role of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, as well as an essay on the recall of Buckyballs, a desk toy intended for adults.

Featured skill: developing an argument



The Ghost Bird by Roland Smith

The search is on for the majestic ivory-billed woodpecker in this touching story by Roland Smith. Plus! A short nonfiction article about the man who sought to save the ivorybill from extinction.

Featured skill: synthesizing



Should Josh Become a YouTube Star?

Josh wants to start his own YouTube cooking series and become famous. His mom thinks he’s too young. Who makes the best argument? Your students decide.



Lazy Editor

Did Aliens Make That?

Students correct grammatical errors and revise sloppy writing in a short nonfiction article about the mystery of crop circles.

Scope Magazine 'You Write It' article cover image

You Write It

Out of the Flames

Students turn our interview with 17-year-old Joe Chambers, who saved a police officer’s life, into an article.




Grammar’s Cave of Daggers

Students practice using who and whom while reading about an extremely awesome—and extremely dangerous—underground crystal cave in Mexico.